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Best Workouts to stay in shape

If you are working as an escort in Jaipur, but wish to work out to stay in shape and fit in your attire better, the gym scene could be intimidating. You just have to walk by stationary bikes, treadmills or weight machines to gain what you want. However, it is not always required to spend hours in gym all days to get a marked improvement to your overall body. There are workouts that you can practice at your home and achieve the necessary result. Here are some of the best workouts to stay in shape:

  • Superwoman

This exercise works for lower back. You would be lying on your stomach flatly with legs and arms extended on the floor flatly. Now, you will be lifting your arms and legs some inches away the floor and after holding for about 5 seconds, you can lower. Repeat the same thing for 10 to 25times. Well, you can make it easy if you lie on the stomach, arching legs upward and placing hands beside face for supporting the bodyweight. While progressing, you will do the movement with your hands that are positioned near the armpits. Then, you can alternatively lift the extended right arm away from the floor while you lift the extended left leg, followed by left arm and right leg. And finally, you can do the whole Superwoman.

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